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New Cuban Pictures The Cuban Mechanics, American old cars,  boys, The cuban wheelbarrow...

cuba pictures, cuban picture, photo
Gay Parade in Habana, Cuba. 2012 May 12, parade gay in Havana Citty against the homofobia, was in the centric 23 avenue in Vedado area. The parade was headed by Mariela Castro, the Cuban president's daughter Raul Castro...
gay parade in habana, cuba
May First 2010, International Workers Day Cuban President Raúl Castro was heading the central activities in Havana for International Workers Day, in which hundreds of thousands of Cubans have come out in support of workers around the world and the revolution...
Havana Cathedral Renowned for its beauty, the 18th-century Havana Cathedral (Catedral de la Habana) has been called "music cast into stone."...
The Cuban Wheelbarrow.The wheelbarrow has become in part of the cubans daily life, its uses are multiple and its designs are so varied and original. Two wheelbarrow equals don't exist.
The Havana old trucks. The same as the last century american cars of 40th and 50th decade, Havana has its old trucks that day by day travels around the city streets. It seems incredible but the trucks still work.

Cuba, the mechanics country As says the proverb “the Cuban knows about Pelota and mechanics". Pelota (baseball) it is the national Cuban sport , the mechanics it is an inherent necessity of the Cuban people to maintain in use the old and modern cars totally without refractions...

May First 2007, people are marching in Revolution Square Cuban First Vice President Raul Castro is presiding over the main event on International Workers Day at the emblematic Revolution Square on Tuesday, May first.
Jutía Key, a paradisiac island Jutía key, one of the islands that integrate the Coloradas archipelago, in the Cuban occident, appears between the attractiveness for the tourism in Pinar del Rio province. The key beaches , characterized by their fine sands, they are frequented by hundred of vacationers every year.
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Cuban Cofee. The best coffee in Cuba is cultivated in the east of the country in the hillsides of the mountains. The towns that are located in the Sierra Maestra have a long tradition in the development of this cultivation...
El Nicho, a marvel of cuban nature. Dozens of cascades and natural ponds, in a practically virgin place, hidden among the mountains, to be El Nicho, a marvel of the nature...
Cuban Woman. 66.1% of Cuban professionals and intermediate-level technicians are women . In 1953, women constituted 19.2% of the work force and now represent 43.6% of public employees.
American Beauty. Cuba is the country of the world where there are more American automobiles of the decade of 1950, more even than in the United States.
Havana. Founded in 1519, on its present site, the City of Havana still has that air of faded excellence, both exclusive and sensual. It is the center of the contry´s economic, social and cultural life and today it is a tourist attraction with great potential.
Daily Life. In spite of the difficult economic situation that crosses Cuba, where everything becomes difficult, the Cuban always looks for a solution for its problems and he always finds a reason to be happy.
The Havana Malecon is the most popular and cosmopolitan open-air space in the cuban Capital, frequented by fishermen, lovers and strollers, children, youngsters, adults and senior citizens.
Cuban Children. In Cuba the children are privileged , the government makes an effort to improve their quality of life.
Common People. Cuban are cheerful, jesting, open-minded, loving, tender, uninterested, hospitable people, but also joking, hyperbolic and exaggerating.
Cuban Posters. As the cuban posters , others don't exist in the world. With a simple design they ennoble the patriotism of the Cubans.
Tobacco Plantation in Pinar del Rio. In Pinar del Rio Province, in Cuba, the best tobacco in the world is harvested. Their plantation, gathering, thread and cure is hand made, maintaining traditional technical that exist for several centuries.
The Cuban National Ballet is one of the most prestigious companies of ballet of the world and have a prominent place in the contemporary Hispano-American culture...
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